Election Runner

In Medieval India, elections involved the scribbling of names on palm leaves, and a big mud pot for casting votes. Today, with technology at our fingertips, there is an online platform for almost everything, whether it's shopping, ordering a meal, sharing spreadsheets with colleagues, or - well - running elections! electionrunner.com runs elections online, without the hassle of traditional election methods. Here are 7 major advantages:

Time and Simplicity

Unlike traditional election methods, the election runner allows you to create an online election in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and concise instructions (take the tour), the platform is easy to navigate, and it is now simpler than ever to set-up an election. After setting-up an election, the creator may then build the ballot by adding positions and candidates. To hasten the process, the software also provides an option to import entire excel spreadsheets to import ballots and voters, eliminating the hassle to key-in such information individually.

Design and Functions

In addition to the basic functions, candidate photos and profiles can also be added. electionrunner.com allows users to customize the layout and design of their elections, enabling users to reflect the theme of their election. Aside from the layout, users may toy with the color options, and add a picture or logo in the header. Being an online software, the election runner offers flexibility in that the ballot may be edited anytime during the election, if necessary.

Election Integrity

Running an election online offers a number of features which traditional election methods struggle to guarantee. This includes anonymous voting and individual voting. Unlike traditional voting where voters have to be present and are likely required to verify their identities before being allowed to vote, online voting reduces the chance of tracking voters. electionrunner.com runs on a "one voter one ID" basis, where each eligible voter is given an individual ID, and a credential key which can be generated at random if opted. In addition to that, instructions can be disseminated through email, as long as the email is provided by the user.


The biggest advantage is perhaps the convenience afforded by the election runner. Voting can be done using any device, whether desktop or mobile. This means voting can be done anytime, anywhere. There is no need to travel, and considering that the online software can cope with a big number of voters at the same time, the election can be conducted within a shorter time frame, as long as the internet speed is decent. Besides that, as there is a separate URL for every election, several elections can be hosted simultaneously, without the lack or overcrowding of venues, as in traditional election methods.


All data is stored in a secure cloud with an SSL grade security which affords 256-bit encryption. Compared to traditional election methods, the election runner affords better prevention against data leakage.


Voter Audit

On the dashboard, a voter audit is provided with complete overview and analysis, including data on traffic stats and vote progress aside from election result. With everything done electronically, human error due to manual processes can be eliminated, and the real time data observed on the dashboard can be utilized to improve the election process as it goes along, instead of waiting for a report to be prepared and presented at a lengthy post-mortem.


Last but not least, electionrunner.com is free to use for the first 30 voters, so you may try it out completely free of charge. Credits can be easily purchased to add more voters. Various payment methods are accepted, and schools are given discounts for purchase of credits. The best thing about the purchased credits? They never expire!

Overall a very innovative and practical software with great potential for growth.



How Does Debt Consolidation Work Exactly?

If you have multiple loans and you find it difficult to keep track of payments and deadlines, you have probably heard about debt consolidation, but unless you are a financial expert, you have probably asked yourself the question „how does debt consolidation work?” In the following lines, we would like to explain the theory behind these loans so as you can decide whether it is a viable solution for you or not.

What Is, In Fact A Debt Consolidation Loan?

A debt consolidation loan is a financial product that allows people who have multiple loans to roll all their loans into one loan. This means that you no longer have multiple bills from your different creditors, you don’t need to keep track of repayment schedules, interest rates and late fees – all you need to do is manage one single loan, one deadline and one interest rate.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work In Theory?

To be able to make the best decision regarding the amount you want to borrow, it is recommended to make an inventory of your existing loans and to evaluate them in terms of minimum payments and interest rates. There is no point in including into the consolidation loan the debts that come with lower interests than the consolidation interest, so the first thing to decide is what to consolidate and what to handle separately.

You can turn to various loan providers, not only banks. Mortgage lenders, credit card companies, debt management companies and peer-to-peer lenders also offer this kind of financial product. There are lenders that consolidate your against a collateral asset, such real estate, while other offer consolidation in the form of a credit card balance.

All you need to do is to choose the financial institution that offers the debt consolidation that suits you best and submit an application. Find the best consolidation loans here - http://www.toptenreviews.com/money/debt/best-debt-consolidation-companies/.

The Benefits Of Debt Consolidation Loans – How Does Debt Consolidation Work In Practice?

With a well-chosen debt consolidation loan, you can even save money. Let’s say that you have three different loans with three different interest rates, one for 12%, one for 15% and one for 18%. Your debt consolidation loan will probably come with 10-15% interest, which will considerably lower the sums you need to pay.


Debt consolidation loans usually come with lower minimum payment than other types of loans, so they are a very good solution for those who find it difficult to make their payment on time.

We hope we could answer your question “how does debt consolidation work?”, so that, with careful calculations, you can decide whether this is a good solution for you or not.



Winter Wedding Photography Themes

Since time immemorial, many brides have preferred Summer weddings. Maybe it has something to do with the sun shinning down on your big day or the fact that they is almost no chance of it raining down on you. For whatever the reason, summer weddings have been a favorite for many; until now! More and more couples are now thinking that maybe a Winter wedding would be prettier. Think about it, your entire day will be covered in a blanket of white snow. What else can portray purity more? Maybe you will have logs on fire in the background, that beautiful calm atmosphere that comes with the Winter cold and a white backdrop to work with. As kent weddingphotographer, Lovepear Photography can freely tell you that there are very few scenes as beautiful.

Of course, if you are going to be thinking about holding a Winter wedding, then you will definitely have to consider all angles appertaining to this kind of ceremony. Kent wedding photography is one of those angles. By hiring a talented Kent wedding photographer, you do not need to worry about your big day not being immortalized in the kind of light that you envision. You can rest assured that you will have those fairy tale Winter wedding photos to go with your big day. But to do that, you need to get creative. Here are some simple Winter wedding ideas that are bound to bring the sparkle out of your glorious ceremony.

Include Snow In Your Dress Design

If you are going to go with a winter wedding theme, why not go all out. By choosing a dress that includes snow in it's design, you are guaranteed to pull off that beautifully subtle line between princess and ice queen. In a winter backdrop, there is really nothing as authentic as that look. To top it off...

Use Ice Queen Make Up


Instead of going bright red or different shades of your favorite colours, why not go with 'Ice-Queen make-up'? Silver liners, natural base, and pearly shades will make your skin look stunning in a winter backdrop. You will be like Elsa from 'Frozen'.

Keep Your Guests Warm With Wonderful Cocktails

Being Winter, it is going to be amazingly cold. What you want to do is add a few comfort drinks on the menu so that your guests do not spend the entire ceremony listening to their own teeth shatter. White hot chocolate, warm apple cider, Saketinis, and flavoured vodka will do the trick.

All in all, you can rest assured that a white winter wedding will look amazing in your wedding portraits.



What You Need To Know About Ubiquinol Coq10 Lotions

These days, no matter what online and offline beauty store you visit, it's impossible not to see at least a dozen products that contain ubiquinol coq10. This is probably one of the most popular ingredients used in the skincare industry and for good reason: it has many benefits and it helps not only make your skin plumper and delay the aging process, but it can also help a lot with treating a host of other conditions and diseases.


For more than four decades now, ubiquinol coq10 has been one of the most popular additives to beauty products all over the world and these days things haven't changed one bit. You can still find it in many body lotions, eye creams, moisturizers and also skin cleansers. And if you thought that these products are only marketed to women, you are very wrong. They're also targeted at men who seem to love using them and enjoy the benefits of having a more beautiful, healthier and younger looking skin.



Before you go ahead and purchase any product that contains ubiquinol coq10, you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, if you're getting an over the counter product, there is a good chance its q10 content is much lower than what you're expecting it to be and this means you're not going to enjoy its benefits as you should. On top of that, don't be fooled by higher priced items, thinking they contain more q10. This is not always true. Also if you want to keep on enjoying the benefits of ubiquinol coq10, be sure that you apply or use whatever products you buy on a daily basis.

Fighting against wrinkles

Many experts claim that the use of ubiquinol coq10 in various skincare products these days is a smart move and it helps people a lot with making wise and smart decisions about protecting their skin, but also deferring the signs of aging. To make sure you furthermore protect your skin and delay the aging process as much as possible, you should also quit smoking at once and stop drinking as well. Cigarette smoke is very well known for drying your skin, not to mention that it also increases the chances of various types of tumors and cancers. Alcohol also affects the pigmentation of your skin and can make it redder and also inflame it. The effects are generally permanent.